Yoga Poses To Boost Your Mood

Pauline Hansen

Posted on December 10 2019

Yoga Poses To Boost Your Mood


If you have browsed through our clothing collection before then you will have seen that we supply an extensive selection of high performance active wear! These garments are perfect for wearing to the gym, and are especially great for those who practice yoga!


With so many different types of yoga in existence, it can serve many purposes and help to alleviate many health issues – both physical and mental!

One of the best advantages of practicing yoga is how helpful it can be when it comes to boosting the mood. A low mood can strike anyone at any time, and for any reason! However, it is possible to protect against this in several ways – and yoga is certainly close to the top of this list!

The following yoga poses are great for helping to boost the mood, and when practiced regularly also have other fantastic health and happiness benefits!

Reclined Hero’s Pose

To get into this pose you must first start in a kneeling position on your mat. Your sitting bones should be close to the floor and positioned between your heels. You can then slowly crawl your hands backwards as you tuck your tailbone in and under. As your become almost flat on the mat, stretch your arms overhead and hold onto your opposite elbows. Hold your body here as you breathe deeply in and out for upwards of ten breaths, and then release back to a kneeling position to exit the pose.

As well as helping to boost happiness and enhance feelings of calm, this pose is also useful for improving digestion. It will also strengthen and stretch the legs.

Dancer’s Pose

Begin in a neutral standing position before moving your weight onto your right leg. You should then bend the left knee and hold the inner part of your left thigh with your left hand. Feel your foot press into your left hand as you open up your back. Your right arm should then reach straight up in front of you. Hold your body in this position as you breathe deeply in and out for upwards of ten breaths. You can then release back to a standing position before repeating on the other side.

In addition to encouraging positive feelings to flow through your body, this pose will also stretch your shoulders and chest. It also strengthens the legs, as well as improving balance and coordination.

Child’s Pose

You can enter this pose by first kneeling on your mat with your knees ever so slightly apart. You must then crawl your hands forwards with your arms long. You should follow your hands with your torso so that your forehead comes to rest on the ground where your hands stop. Your body will be in a naturally curved shape as you rest on the floor. Hold your body in this position as you breathe deeply in and out for upwards of ten breaths.

This is a fantastically restorative pose that will relax your mind and help to eliminate feelings of stress, sadness and anxiety. This pose also stretches the hips, as well as the thighs and ankles. Additionally, it is helpful when you are trying to relieve fatigue in a peaceful way without over-stimulating yourself.

Practicing yoga is a great way to connect your physical presence with your spiritual mind, and comfortable clothing is a must! Check out our collections to see what’s on offer and remember that you can balance your chakras with different coloured clothing!

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