Three Ways To Find Fitness Motivation

Pauline Hansen

Posted on January 02 2020

Three Ways To Find Fitness Motivation


Having an exercise routine is great! Scheduling your workouts and pushing yourself to the max with each session is not only an amazing way to tone your body, but also helps to keep your mind happy, healthy and balanced.

Even the most fanatic fitness lovers have off days. If this is something that you have experienced, then you will know that on these days it can be near impossible to get your enthusiasm for exercise back!

There are many reason why you might fall out of love with your healthy living intentions and when this does happen it is important to remember that it is totally okay to feel this way. It isn’t possible to predict what distractions, stresses or anxieties might present themselves. Any of these sources of negativity can seriously affect your ability to focus on your long term goals.

The following three tips are for those of you who find it especially difficult to get motivated on your off days!

Return to Your Intentions

Reminding yourself of the reasons that you began exercising in the first place is a fantastic way to refresh the importance of these goals in your mind. This can quickly inject some fresh enthusiasm into your day and encourage you to get to that spin class that you were just about to swap for a Netflix binge. Try to visualise yourself once you have reached your fitness goals and reassure yourself that your expectations are within reach!

Shake Things Up

It is easy to become bored and lose your motivation if you are doing the same workout routine week in and week out. Swapping the activities that you previously loved but have grown tired of with new activities that you want to try will help to refresh your attitude to exercise. If you usually get your exercise in the gym then try going for a run, attending a yoga class or participating in a team sport. On the flip side, if you have avoided working out in the gym in the past then the time may have come to give it a go.

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The key here is simply to try something new and to keep an open mind when it comes to the different activities that you can have a go at!

Create Your Own Positivity

One of the best techniques for overcoming distractions and finding your motivation again is to create your own positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are declarations that you can repeat to yourself when you need a burst of encouragement. This is particularly useful for combatting instances of negativity in the present moment.

The following affirmations are perfect for finding your motivation for fitness again, but you can also create your own that are more unique to your individual experience:

  • Exercise is the tool I need to get the body I want
  • I am strong, I am capable, and I can achieve any goals I set for myself
  • My body and my mind are always my top priorities
  • With just one hour of exercise I will feel the benefits for the rest of the day

Using a positive affirmation is a great mindfulness practice and ensures that your train of thought is only focusing on what is important to you in that moment.

Ready, Set, Go!

Hopefully you will have found some inspiration in the three tips that we have just shared! The next time you feel your motivation for your fitness goals start to lag then come back to this article and give one or more of these tips a try! You may also try giving your wardrobe a makeover with some of the gorgeous activewear from our collection – click here to check it out now!

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