The Future Of The Fashion Industry

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Posted on December 10 2019

The Future Of The Fashion Industry


The global clothing industry is a multi-trillion dollar business, and much of its growth is due to eco-fashion. At the beginning of clothing as we know it, humans donned clothes simply to stay warm, a far cry from the reasons behind the fashion choices of today. Today we buy clothes to match the seasons, but we also buy different garments for different occasions, moods, events and more!

It has been said that the sportswear aspect of the clothing industry has contributed massively towards the ongoing growth of the industry on the whole. This includes all kinds of items that you might wear to the gym, to yoga, or on the track, as well as a whole other host of items for every other kind of physical activity you can think of.

Fashion Conscious with a Conscience

More people are becoming fashion conscious with their activewear choices, but more excitingly, people are also becoming more eco-conscious in their fashion choices in general.

Many designers are striving to show the world that not only do they understand the consequences of mass-produced apparel, but also that they are committed to finding alternative sustainable options.

Productivity and Profit

One of the larger problems, when it comes to encouraging sustainability within the clothing industry, is that many brands want to find the cheapest production cycle possible in order to push up profits. This level of globalised manufacturing has seen the industry expand its potential for sales, without accountability to the workers or to the planet developing at the same time.

Unless more of a balance is struck between the cost of production, the price of sales and the types of fabrics being utilised for fashion, then this discord is only going to continue to grow.

Sustainability and Social Impacts

As people increasingly seek sustainable materials for their fashion choices, it is clear that people are also seeking to better understand the social impacts of their purchases. Where is their clothing coming from? How is it produced? Is anyone being exploited along the way?

Ethical practices within the apparel industry are sure to take a front seat in the future of fashion. And, this will not only equate to fairer employment practices around the globe, but will also contribute to relieving the pressure on our already over-burdened planet.

Although there clearly already exists an interest in ethical clothing choices, many still base their purchasing decisions on the price of a product, and are therefore not always aligning their beliefs with their actions. It seems that the answer to this issue will have to come from the clothing industry itself if a harmony between the two concepts is to be truly created.

Independent Retailers for the Future of Fashion

As more independent retailers emerge in the fashion world, the potential for innovation also grows, and new concepts and practices are born. Here at PAMA London we are excited to be a part of this growing pool of brands who are not afraid to not only take a stride towards genuine sustainability, but to base our entire philosophy on this concept!

Creating fashion with a conscience is at the heart of everything that we do, and we are confident that we can continue to inspire others with our efforts and our message.


Independent retailers on the whole seem to have a tendency to locally source their materials, or at least source them in a more eco-responsible way than the more well-known players do. As people increasingly look to shop from independent retailers, the sustainability concept of the industry will also be enhanced – adding up to exciting things for the future of fashion!

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