Exercise For Self-Care

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The concept of self-care is one that encompasses a wide range of ideas and actions. When we talk about self-care, we are talking about ways in which we can nourish our minds, feed our souls, and simply care for ourselves in a loving and kind way.

Exercise is an essential component of self-care as it helps to keep both the mind and the body healthy. When we exercise regularly, and with consistency, we become stronger, we become more focused and several different aspects of our health will begin to improve also.

Endorphins for Self-Care

When the body is engaging in any kind of physical activity, from walking to extreme sports, then endorphins will be released around the body. Endorphins are neurotransmitters and they play a key role in keeping the central nervous system functioning as it should. Endorphins interact with receptors in the brain in order to boost your mood.

Endorphins are fantastic for stress reduction, and reduced stress levels will help to create the right frame of mind for embracing self-care. They also help to naturally reduce anxiety and to boost focus.

How Often is Often Enough?

Many experts are in agreement that between 30 minutes and one hour of vigorous exercise three times a week is an ample amount to feel the benefits – both physically and mentally. This amount of exercise is adequate for getting your heart pumping and thereby improving your cardiovascular capacity over time.

Additionally, scheduling your workouts three times a week will ensure that you are taking time for yourself. This time spent exercising can also be time in which you process the events of the day and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Having this time for yourself is a simple act of self-care, and one that can help to keep you feeling happy and balanced.

That’s not to say that if you can’t commit to at least this amount of exercise that you shouldn’t do any at all! Starting slow and discovering what your body is capable of is the first step to establishing both an exercise and a self-care routine.

Alternatives to Exercise

If conventional exercise isn’t your thing, then there are countless other great ways that you can engage in physical activity. These alternative physical activities can still be defined as acts of self-care. This is because they are things that you are consciously engaging in because you understand the benefits to yourself of doing so. This simple concept of doing something for yourself is the very basis of self-care.

You may try hiking, team sports, hula-hooping, surfing, dancing and more!

Choosing the Best Exercise for Your Self-Care

You may already know which types of exercise you enjoy the most, and if so then making these exercises are more regular part of your weekly schedule is a great start. However, it will also be helpful to try new things, and to be open to types of exercise and other activities that you haven’t tried before.

A combination of cardio and strength exercises is the best way to ensure that you are enhancing your health and fitness in an all-round way. Cardio is fantastic for your heart health and stamina, whereas strength exercises will help to maintain and boost your muscle mass.

You can also benefit from engaging in periods of meditation, either before or after your workout!. Doing so is a great way to prepare yourself for your workout, and also to unwind and relax again afterwards. Click here to discover the many benefits of meditation!

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