Organic Cotton

We proudly use organic cotton which is non-toxic and sustainably produced. Our organic cotton is brushed back for extra warmth and comfort. Using organic cotton is extremely important as it avoids harmful chemicals being near the skin which subsequently go directly into the blood stream and in to the environmental ecosystem.


Environmental Benefits of organic cotton:
• Organic cotton is produced with non-toxic fertilisers, ensuring no unnecessary toxins go on to the cotton fields and into our environment
• Saves water as the crops are rain-fed instead of irrigated
• Not using hazardous pesticides and chemical fertilisers is better for the whole ecosystem including workers’ health
• Producing organic cotton is a more balanced process that enriches the soil and helps biodiversity flourish
• In contrast, non-organic manufacture uses tens of thousands of acutely toxic chemicals, many of which are classified as hazardous by the World Health Organisation (WHO)