No new resources. No waste.

We proudly offer our Moon & Stars collection in ECONYL® which is regenerated nylon created from plastic found in oceans. It is made from a range of post-consumer waste including abandoned fishing nets, carpets and rigid textiles and aims to be a green alternative to the original product which is made from a derivative of oil. With every purchase of a product made in ECONYL®, you are helping to support the Ocean clean up. No new resources. No waste. To make ECONYL® waste products such as reclaimed fishing nets are first taken to pretreatment facilities where they are sorted and shredded into pieces small enough to be put through the ECONYL® process. The shredded material is then moved to a regeneration plant where they are put into huge chemical reactors that, through a process of de and re – polymerisation break down the components of the material and re-generate the polyamide 6 and the final product is then processed into yarn. ECONYL® has great eco friendly credentials, firstly the use of abandoned fishing nets is helping to clean up the seas, entanglement in abandoned nets causes the death of many thousands of whales, dolphins and other sea life every year. For every 10,000 tonnes of raw materials recycled into ECONYL® 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved, and 57,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided compared to traditional production methods. ECONYL® fabrics can be recycled infinitely without losing quality, supporting the vision of a more circular fashion industry.

[Source @supplycompass]

Love our planet. Love our Oceans