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"Give the Gift of Sustainability” Shopping Sustainably this Christmas - With sustainability being more in vogue than ever before we round up 8 ways for you to shop more sustainably this Christmas

Pauline Hansen

Posted on January 02 2020

"Give the Gift of Sustainability” Shopping Sustainably this Christmas - With sustainability being more in vogue than ever before we round up 8 ways for you to shop more sustainably this Christmas
  1. Go Vintage


This Christmas, it’s all about era-defining garments and what better way to do that than by going vintage. There are now so many amazing vintage shops and websites that offer guilt-free fashion purchases with vintage making its way to our marketplace on the high-street and online. Topshop in Oxford Street has its vintage ‘Peekaboo’ range full of glam and glitter while Notting Hill’s vintage emporium frequented by the likes of Naomi Campbell is always cool haunt. You can find firm staples at the ASOS Market Place, (hyperlink: or if you have a Gen Z in the family Depop (hyperlink: is perfect for finding the trainers that will change lives forever and if you are after something a little bigger there’s no better place find vintage Cartier or Chanel than via websites like Vestiaire (hyperlink: These are all a wonderful way of finding preloved luxury goods this Christmas.


  1. Shop Less, Spend More


If you are buying new, buy something that lasts. More than ever as consumers we have been spending more and paying less than ever before and sustainability isn’t just about the environment. Invest in brands like Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone, and PAMA London or if you are going for fast fashion shop fashion brands who commit to sustainability, like H&M, Marks and Spenser who all have dedicated programs in place to promote the recycling of their clothes so we can all be a little kinder to our planet this Christmas. But essentially, if you are going to buy something for your loved ones, think, “Will they really need these? Will they really want this?” - buy less and buy better. A philosophy we live by at PAMA London.


  1. Prioritize the Right fabrics


As a rule of thumb, it’s important to try and buy items that are cut from fabrics you’ve heard of: wool, silk, linen, cotton, ECONYL, etc. Many items outside of this list have been created in biodegradable materials and therefore shed microfibers every time they are washed. Just because a product is branded as ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s always the case. Look at the process that it has taken for your t-shirt to enter your wardrobe. With a brand like PAMA London, we can only hope that the more consumers learn about sustainable options,  the more they will stop buying from companies that can’t deliver the right choices for our planet.



  1. Rethink Your Beauty Choices


These days we have the choice to go for organic, plastic-free and recycled products so this Christmas try and not only stamp this silicone out of your beauty routine but also the people you love. Make sure you go through the labels, as the words ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ don’t always mean what you think. For skincare, we love brands like La Mer.

who are supporting oceans through their Azores, Grenada and East China seas projects helping Sea’s flourish, whilst also ensuring they only source sustainably. For body, Neal’s Yard Remedies use 100% recycled glass and for just two pounds you can return your bottles and have them topped-up. For beauty, Guerlain has always been a favorite and even more, now they’ve announced they’re teaming up with the ‘Terra Cycle Recycling initiative’. Finally, hair brands like L'Oréal have created a new, totally vegan, haircare collection free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance, and colorings, with packaging designed to hold the maximum amount of product in the minimum amount of recycled plastic.


  1. Upcycle


As with the ECONYL process, it’s so important to think about trying to close the loop process and keep the circular supply chain going. Brands like Stella McCartney, Swedish Stocking, and PAMA London all use the ECONYL process. This Christmas it’s important to be more mindful as a consumer than ever before, with the power in the pound in your pocket, and how you use it.


  1. Wrap Right


Onto the subject of gift wrapping your incredibly sustainable gift! This festive season, we urge you to think of ways to be sustainable whilst maintaining the surprise. For example, we suggest wrapping your gifts in vintage scarfs and bandanas. Another idea is taking old Christmas cards and reusing the card in front of a paper box and popping your presents inside to use it again and again for years to come.


  1. Be Tree Smart


It turns out real trees are more eco-friendly but make sure you get one from a sustainable source. There are over 400 Christmas tree growers across the UK registered with the British Christmas Tree Growers' Association, where trees are grown according to strict guidelines governing everything from sustainable seeds and cultivation to protecting local wildlife.





  1. Shop locally for your Christmas feast this year


The first way to ensure your Christmas feast is greener this year is by buying locally rather than from the supermarket. We love places like the Sussex Peasant, which centrally brings all the local farm shops to you. Not only does this reduce food miles, but you’ll be buying seasonally and mostly, organic. Perhaps this is Christmas to go veggie too? Skipping out the turkey is the greenest way to go this Christmas as meat production contributes to the high levels of methane and nitrous oxide both of which are more powerful greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. We urge you to watch your waste this year too. There are charities in a place like Recycle Now urging consumers to not over buy this year, and if you do make the most of leftovers instead of binning them!


This Christmas we will be taking a moment to think of the future for your loved ones.


Love our oceans, Love our planet.


Love Pauline, and the PAMA London team.

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